ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS improves the structural health monitoring process with the introduction of customized purpose-built Internet of Things smart sensors and smartphones. This innovation introduced into the Structural Integrity Monitoring Industry will increase the effectiveness and efficiency in which structural health monitoring process is usually carried out. Our service is needed by the following industry Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas, Wind Turbine, Nuclear Power Plants, Aerospace and Aviation. ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS also intends to look at solving the problem of Big data that would accompany the IoT industry.


With the ongoing exploration of earth oceans and its outer space and future ambitious projects to colonize these environments. Plans and strategies have to be put in place to monitor the health of structures and equipment; defects and damage on structures or equipment has been monitored using the routine Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) in structural health monitoring, but with the incoming pace of online monitoring (OLM) a sensor that would monitor real-time conditions of the equipment and structures in this environment is necessary.

Our Activities


ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS is a start-up company that provides high quality and technical structural integrity monitoring services to its clients with the use of the internet of things as a method and technological tool. ARCHINGEO INNOVATIONS will provide a wide array of Structural Integrity Monitoring services to its markets which includes the Construction industries (buildings, bridges and other civil structures), oil and gas industry (offshore and onshore assets), and the aerospace (aircraft and space vessel) industry and other related industries where it’s services will be needed.